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Below, you will find some general pros and cons of this company. CQG is the next generation of trading and data visualization from the original data and analytics expert you’ve trusted for more than 40 years. Today, we are going to answer, “Is LimeFX fraud or not? ” Naturally, basic information about LimeFX takes front and center. The criteria for recognizing dishonest brokers take a secondary spot, with it linked directly to LimeFX’s scrutiny. Currently, the website is only available in English and Russian.

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However, this fact increases the probability that this can negatively impact traders because of a huge conflict of interest. Brokers may establish honesty at times like these because most traders have a wrong approach in making orders. Dealers also gain profit even when a certain part of traders are successful.


I don’t have a VIP account, so I didn’t have a priority, but this fact doesn’t bother me. LimeFX’s trading conditions range from average to outstanding. Traders need only a minimum of 500 dollars to start trading.


Yet, attitude towards clients is the main criteria for me. Trading conditions are not very good in comparison with other companies, but they are appropriate for most traders. The list of features that this company offers is also standard. I tried to work with LimeFX and I am satisfied in general. I traded with other brokers that offered better conditions in my opinion.

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Traders might find it useful only for checking the updates on their accounts and the market, not actually for trading. If you search the Internet for https://traderoom.info/is-limefx-forex-broker-a-good-choice-for-trading/ customer reviews, it is likely that you will find two different kinds of opinions. These are negative and positive commentaries. It is interesting to note that there also are a lot of blogs that write paid reviews about services. We managed to find many websites that promote similar slander.

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The myth was born out of a trader’s low level of understanding of the industry. Trading and gambling tend to look similar, but they are completely different processes. When a person gambles, guessing, sheer luck plays into the process. The result simply does not depend on the gambler. Trading, on the other hand, requires a specific set of qualifications.

Besides the main regulation, there are many local organizations regulating LimeFX, making it trustworthy. If LimeFX performs some illegal actions, CFTC will revoke its license. Worthy of note here, scammers do not implement functions to make traders wealthy, let alone minimize traders’ trading risks. LimeFX traders are privy to over 180 different financial instruments including Forex, precious metals, oil, Binary Options, stocks, to mention a few. XCritical is also available as mobile apps to download on your android or iOS phone. However, the mobile services of this platform are even poorer.


The trader is only provided with a professional analyst. LimeFX clients are privy to a selection of Live Trading Accounts to tailor fit into the trading experiences of the traders who might be signing up. People who write neutral reviews are usually more objective. That’s why they are the most truthful.

  1. As we can see, no one said that LimeFX is a scam.
  2. The fastest way to solve any technical issues is by contacting the customer support.
  3. A prominent consideration here is the number of liquidity providers made available.
  4. Traders are guaranteed of being able to buy financial assets at desirable prices.
  5. Negative reviews are the most important to understand how reliable a company is.

I hope our https://traderoom.info/ review helps you evaluate their services and see their ups and downs. The minimum amount of initial deposits and services vary depending on the account type, so let’s discuss these differences in detail. LimeFX offers a wide range of assets, including Foreign Currency Pairs, Cryptocurrencies, and Stocks. Recently, LimeFX added trading with commodities, binary options, and indices, so market-wise, the broker has quite decent offers. The fastest way to solve any technical issues is by contacting the customer support. During our LimeFX review, we have contacted several agents to estimate their professionalism.

Dishonest companies often make generous promises. To reiterate, no one can guarantee traders’ success. Unfortunately, a lot of novice traders tend to trust them. Neutral reviews consist of both the positive and negative sides of certain brokers.

Order processing begins when traders open a position and finishes when said position is closed. All user funds are saved on a separate account in leading world banks. Such guarantees traders protection from potential losses incurred should traders encounter brokers who are out to steal their money. STP technology renders disinterest and magnifies brokers’ care for clients.