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Assembly Automation

RAZK offers manufactures a custom turnkey solutions for specific customer needs, from single product to entire production lines, from concept to completion.

Testing Automation

RAZK provide testing solutions which are tailor-made to customer needs, our products mainly support, but not limited to, ICT, FCT, audio, camera, connectivity,

Inspection Automation

RAZK specialize in developing complete solution for Inspection requirements which includes cosmetic, dimension and functional.

Packaging Automation

RAZK provide an innovative and intelligent packaging solution, from simple to complex requirements, semi or fully automated based on customer needs.

Intelligent Factory

RAZK offers manufactures a total solution to set up the smart factory, which includes, but not limited to, intelligent equipment, smart ware-house,

Fixtures & Spare Parts

RAZK can support throughout the product development process for fixtures and spare parts requirements, from simple to complex, with very competitive offer.

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RAZK Industrial Automation Private Limited, was founded in 2018, with headquarters in Southern India. RAZK Automation is a high-tech enterprise helps customer to build “The Factory of the Future” by providing leading-edge automation solutions and having a strategic partnership with Automation Company which has 30+ Years experience with a strong global presence.

About Us

Why Choose Us

One-Stop Solution Provider

RAZK offers comprehensive one-stop solutions for Intelligent manufacturing and services that covers Intelligent equipment, smart logistics, smart warehouse, MES and ERP systems. We can support from concept to completion, help customer to achieve their goals in transforming their manufacturing process to SMART and make them more competitive in the industry.

Strong Global Presence

RAZK has a very strong global presence, headquartered in Southern India and has branches in China, USA, Singapore and also can support Europe & MEA markets through the strategic partnerships. Strong global presence is one of our core competency and helps us to support localization and provide better customer support on-time.

Best Know-How In The Industry

RAZK brings 30+ years to experience through strategic partnership, our experts has very strong experience with the best know-how and work tirelessly to apply cutting edge thinking and technologies and always deliver best possible integrated innovative solutions which is tailor-made to customer needs.

Create Value To Customers

Industries are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable. RAZK as a trusted partner help customer to “build the factory of future” and achieve their goals and dreams. We evaluate our success based on customer success.

Working Smarter, Faster And Proficiently

RAZK has a passionate and highly collaborative team that enjoys serving our customers and working on leading-edge automated and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Best know-how from our experts helps to offer unique and customized turnkey solutions to customer needs and help them to be more competitive in all aspects and succeed.

Excellent Service & Support

At RAZK, we strive to provide excellent customer support before, during and after the purchase of our products or solutions. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts provides support, troubleshooting and field services 24/7 to ensure our products or solutions are up and running, deliver committed results and customer satisfaction.


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